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But let’s answer the big question – but will he try to get in contact with you?

It depends on the circumstances but it may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, it may not even be this year, or even until twenty years time, but if he is of the Mr Unavailable and assclown variety and hasn’t seen the error of his ways, his overblown ego, total disconnect, and selfish, using ways, means that he will probably at some point make contact with you. You are in the driving seat of this way more than you realise: If you had the brass balls to see him for what he is and tell him to get the hell out of your life, he is likely to resist or be hesitant about trying to make a comeback.

A fresh perspective on a classic Hitchcock scene, a surreal California detour, a reckoning with God unlike any other, a nightmarish memory inside another memory, a confronting #Me Too moment and a wordless dance drama are among our picks.

She likes sports, beer, cars, swearing, fighting and sex in a stereotypically masculine way.

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But…women, especially Fallback Girls and assclown lovers are obsessed with the big question: Will he try to get in contact with me?They may not even call – they might skip straight to text, instant messenger, or email!If you fall into the trap of actually believing that his actions mean way more than they actually do, you’re so excited about the act of him getting in touch and back into betting on potential mode, that you fail to see the joker and his actions for what they are.Also compare the Butch Lesbian, with which this trope may or may not overlap.

If that hot girl is acting like a guy because she's not 100% girl, it's a case of Everybody Wants the Hermaphrodite.

Now like a lot of things in poor relationships, obsessing over the what if’s of this question is a reflection of the female trapping of suffering from Women Who Talk and Think Too Much syndrome and not seeing the wood for the trees.

In 1994, Charlie Pride, whose identity as a performing artist is linked closely with Mississippi culture, publicly expressed support of a group wanting to change it.… continue reading »

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