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01-Jul-2017 08:52

- If you are, you've probably already heard of the word snail mail pen pals or maybe you have already experienced corresponding with someone living hundreds or even thousands of miles away from your home.

If you would just like to get started right away you can register to find snail mail pen pals online now.

It's fun, educational, rewarding and you could find a friend for life.

Whether you are looking for snail mail pen pals worldwide or more locally see below on how to find new snail mail pen pals online and make the most of the benefits offered by our international online service.

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Inmate Birthday’s: Inmates listed by the date of their birth.

Inmates are not only thrilled to communicate with pen-pals but have stated that it has been a "spiritually and emotionally fulfilling experience." has enabled friends and family to stay in contact with their loved ones and has a 75% compatibility rating for those looking for their soul mate.

Join Inmate Dating Service and Make a Connection with Someone on the Inside!

This date is provided by the Inmate so we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information on their webpage.

Release dates can change due to by Earned Good Time, Disciplinary Actions or Parole Dates.Male Inmates: Male Inmates listed by their Last Name Female Inmates: Female Inmates listed by their Last Name Inmate Search: Click the inmate photo to go to the Department of Corrections website to read more about the inmate. Wrongfully Convicted: Inmates can place an ad with a photo, their address and up to 300 words giving a brief description detailing their case asking people and organizations to assist them in proving their innocents.